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Why The Singing Cook?

As owner of The Singing Cook, every day I am asked, "so does the cook sing?"  Why, yes, she does.  Do I sing when I cook? - Sometimes, and while singing is my first love (I have a degree in Music Theatre), cooking is a close second.  As a foodie and self taught home cook with an ever expanding collection of cookbooks and on-again, off-again addiction to cooking shows, I often found myself running around town searching for that elusive ingredient or cool new tool for that new recipe I had to try, and not always successful.  I would say to myself, "if I had a kitchen store, I'd have that."  Well, here it is!  Honestly, opening this store was a bit of a whim and a bit of kismet, and while owning a cooking store wasn't my first dream, it is a dream come true.  Plus, there's just something irresistible about kitchen shops, right?  Big or small, they draw you in, and though my shop is small I hope it can be a place where my customers can say, "Oh, The Singing Cook has that!"   I encourage suggestions and will make a genuine effort to find whatever it is that you are searching for.   The best part of this journey so far has been the joy of owning a shop in my hometown of Louisville.  

Thanks to my parents and everyone else in my life who has encouraged and helped me on this uncertain journey. Thanks to all the customers who have visited and revisited my shop, and to all who have spread the word and referred The Singing Cook to their friends and family.  I greatly appreciate your support and patronage.

Bon Appetit,
Jenni Hlawatsch, the singing cook  ;-)